Quality Tutoring System

Scada System Solution

Build a standardization DB for each product by analyze the effect of process conditions on quality, Support operator by quality tutoring function to achieve the highest quality.

Objectives and goals

  • Efficient management of test and analysis equipment
  • Support steelmaking by quality tutoring function
  • Analyze the effect of factory conditions on products
  • Analyze the effect of operation on products
  • Establish standardization of operation by steel type


  • Acquire and manage test and analysis facility data
  • Monitoring and DB construction of real-time process information
  • Linking and tracking quality information by product unit
  • Logging and tracking according to operation
  • Processing and visualization of operational quality information by statistical analysis

Quality Tutoring System can do

  • Improve efficiency by correcting various problems caused manual work
  • Minimize problems by tracking real-time field quality and production management status
  • Improving quality problems by analyzing cause and tracking system
  • Improving problems in organizing documentation of manufacturing and quality manager
  • Share real-time information about the quality to executives, managers, and staff
  • Improving work efficiency by switching from manual quality control to computerized management

System control technology using PLC, DB, HMI

PLC – Mitsubishi, Simens, Omron, LS
DB – MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle DB2
HMI – Intouch, iFix, RS-View
Network – Optical, Bluetooth, Wifi, P-LTE, TRS modem,

Tram Control System

Safety System Solution

TRAM control system is a ground signal equipment for TRAM control, conducts course management and opeation control linked with line switch, tram signal, traffic signal etc

Objectives and goals

  • Fail-safe function
  • Redundant System design(2oo2)
  • Dual system design
  • Secure safety, reliability, maintainability


  • Synchronization of each system
  • Switching without interruption
  • Logic processing operation function more than 2oo2
  • Disassemble function each module for maintenance

TRAM control system can do

  • Prevent dangerous output in case of any malfunction by fail-safe operation
  • Modularization and dualization of all system for each function
  • Ensure safety by controlling the results according to the same inputs in parallel with each other in a redundant structure
  • Fault detection by module and unit using self-diagnostic function
  • Protect device against abnormal voltage such as lightning, ground fault

Safety system design technology &
Embedded H/W, S/W Technology

Redundant system design
Fail Safe
Real-time OS – VxWorks, QNX, uCOSII, RT-Linux
Microcontroller – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Discovery, Beagle Bone
VME BUS & Optical Network communication

Structural Steel Tracking System

IIOT & Robot Solution

Management & tracking structural steel products in real time to guarantee conformity from inbound to outbound and fault minimization by automatically print and attach label using Robot

Objectives and goals

  • Improve quality control and reliability of steel products
  • Establish automatic tracking infrastructure for product
  • Build Real-time product monitoring system
  • Improve recovery rate / quality


  • Responding to exceptional situations that occur during manual operation
  • Tracking of structural steel feed rate
  • Acquisition of length and transfer information of actual products using various sensors
  • Production management system to match products by order

Structural steel tracking system can do

  • Tracking function to ensure product consistency
  • Minimize tracking errors by enhancing product traceability
  • Verification in real-time using field display panel
  • Minimize defect rate by checking real-time production information and issuing automatic label
  • Automatic attachment of product information label using robot

Robot & Motor control technology

Robot System Design
Motor Control
Motor Driver Design
Job Programming
Modeling & Simulation
Machine Vision
EtherCAT Communication
Private LTE, TRS, NB-IOT

Portable Gas Detection System


Prevent accidents caused by gas leaks and safety management by monitoring hazardous gas through wireless network

Objectives and goals

  • Gas sensor data transmission using TRS network
  • Build real time gas monitoring system
  • Alarm function when gas data exceed set value
  • Ensure worker's safety in hazardous gas areas


  • H2, CH4, C2H2, NH3, O2 gas detection
  • Portable structure for easy installation
  • Battery should be available for at least 24 hours
  • TRS network communication support

Portable gas detection system can do

  • Usable over 24 hours without battery charge
  • Various sensors available using 4-20mA analog input
  • Real-time alarm function for workers
  • Four different gas sensors can be used simultaneously
  • Safety management by monitoring hazardous gas through wireless network

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