Manufacturing Execution System

MES is a system used in manufacturing, to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished products. It provides information that helps manufacturing decision makers understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to improve production output.

- Plant Management
- Inventory Management
- Manufacturing Process Management
- Plant Data collection
- Document Management
- Quality Management
- Product Tracking


Link information collected in real time with enterprise systems


OCST MES Automation System

Installed steelmaking automation LEVEL I, II system
Real-time collection of performance and information
Production performance data trasmission
Management through dedicated DB & Ensure Efficiency
Power failure prevention by UPS
Issuance of business chart through private network
Receive and transmit quality information

Quality Tutoring System
Build SMART FACTORY safely and accurately!

Build a standardization DB for each product and monitor the real-time process data
to make it the best quality by analyzing the effect of process
conditions and operator's operation on the quality.




OCST MES Automation System

Supports real time operation monitoring
Supports query and correction of business performance
Deployment of business information system
Issue of the table of work and the report of the factory


OCST MES Display panel

OCST MES Automation System

Real-time display of operational status
Real-time component display
Component data / chemical component display
Amount of production display
real-time temperature display


Computer Based Interlocking

CBI is an railway signal system that prevents conflicting movements of train through an arrangement of tracks such as junctions or crossings implemented with computers rather than older technologies such as relays or mechanics.

Implemented safety and failsafe requirements, and "non-vital" controls and indications.

Tram Control System
Build Safety System with OCST Technology!

It is a ground signal equipment for TRAM control, conducts course management and
opeation control linked with line switch, tram signal, traffic signal etc.


Software for CBI signal design & verification

CARE(CAD Tool for Railway Engineering) package

Design HMI display & Generate opeation source code
Create interlocking diagram automatically
Verification Interlocking logic design
Communication between HMI and CBI through control server
Developing operating personnel by supporting GUI from design step


CBI simulator

Parameterizing tool & Logic simulator

Interlocking Logic Analysis and Derivation
Field facility simulation function
Field information input function
Data storage & analysis function
LCP communication & verification function


Industrial Internet of Things

Manage production equipment data, process data and various sensor data connected to enterprise system, Responsible for data collection and management for building smart factory.

Easy to integrate / Easy to change



deviceWISE for Factory

deviceWISE is a system software for management of production data
connected to enterprise system such as DB, PLC, SAP
OCST is a reseller of telit( about "deviceWISE for Factory".
Telit is the global leader in IoT enablement, offers the industry’s broadest
portfolio of integrated products, platforms and services to support
and enable IoT deployments from things to apps.

Structural Steel Tracking System
Industrial IOT and ROBOT SYSTEM will increase productivity.

Management & tracking products in real time to guarantee conformity and
Minimize fault by automatically print and attach label using ROBOT.



Features & Benifits

Supports PLC, OPC, modBUS drivers
Runs on various H/W, OS
Quickly connect Factory to Enterprise
Eliminate Custom Programming using workbench
Integration with legacy solutions
Drivers support event/unsolicited messaging

deviceWISE Introduction

"OCST will lead your business to success with our own advanced technology."